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NCBWDC Minority Women Owned Business Economic Empowerment Grant Application

Please see application checklist for additional materials needed to complete the grant application. Completed application due by 11:59 pm (EST) May 6, 2019. No applications will be accepted after deadline.

NCBWDC Economic Empowerment Grant Application Checklist

The following is a checklist to assist you in assembling your complete application. Please email your business plan should and grant certification of incorporation of vendor’s license to Your completed application should include the following:

  • Completed grant application (below)

  • Company’s business plan presentation (emailed)

  • Company’s certification of incorporation or vendor’s license (emailed)

  • Signed disclosure and verification of information (below)

Business Owner Name *
Business Owner Name
Business Phone *
Business Phone
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Mobile Phone
Please do not exceed two sentences
1. Business Description: Business mission/vision statement, description of product/service and what differentiates your business in the marketplace, and description of team, notable accomplishments (please include photos if you would like) 2. Describe your plans for how the funds will support business growth. 3. Please also email this information in PPT format to
E-Signature *
By writing your name below and clicking submit you agree to the following: I/We hereby apply for the NCBWDC “My Sister’s Keeper” grant program in this application on behalf of the applicant business. I/We certify that I/we did not omit any important information. I/We agree that any grant/funds resulting from this program will not be used for any illegal or restricted purposes. Grantor is authorized to verify with other parties and to make any investigation of my/our credit, either directly or through any agency employed by the Grantor for that purpose. I/We understand that Grantor will retain this application and any other information Grantor receives, even if no grant is given. I/We do hereby give National Coalition of 100 Black Women Metropolitan DC Chapter and its subsidiaries permission to use my name, likeness, the name of the company listed on the grant application in its advertising, promotional activities, public relations efforts to promote it services to the public. I further understand that this agreement is made effective as of the date of submission and will run in perpetuity.
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Date of Signature: